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The different donor plans were designed to accommodate a variety of potential donors. The Connectors, Boosters and Academics plans are 12-month subscriptions for those who opt for the recurring payment option. All our donors make up our community and as part of this community, you can choose to receive inspirational stories about our beneficiaries on a regular basis. 


It costs R250 ($15) a month to provide 19 hours of uncapped internet daily to one household. Your donation of R250 along with those of others makes a huge impact. You can also opt to provide one household with uncapped internet for a set period (usually 12 months) when you choose the recurring payment option. 


It costs about R6000  to buy a basic device to use for schoolwork like a Chromebook or tablet. A donation of R450 ($30) will contribute to a larger pool of donations to help us provide these devices to children who would otherwise not be able to afford them. When you choose the 12 month recurring option, you help increase the number of devices we can provide. 


This donor plan is for you if you wish to adopt the education of a child for a month or a year if you opt for the recurring donation. SOLE offers bursaries to children attending independent schools in Johannesburg and we achieve this through the Academics donations. 


The Founders plan is for you if you wish to donate your own amount. Usually Founders make a once off donation (big or small) that may or may not have restrictions. Unrestricted Founder donations are used for all SOLE projects.   

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