Your small contribution will make a great difference to someone's life in South Africa tomorrow and today.

Make a small commitment

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Know you are a changemaker

All of us want to have meaningful lives

But there's a Problem... 

  • We are too busy at work

  • We can't find local projects that interest us

  • Projects we see are too big or impersonal

  • Helping process seems complicated

When you partner with SOLE Institute you easily become part of something greater than yourself. Think about how your life would transform with small actions that matter. Imagine how much more engaged you would feel if you knew that you are part of an important story. When you choose to help others, you are not just doing something good or nice. Your life has purpose.

Our Key Priorities


Providing underpriviledged children with access to quality schooling.


Providing university students with personal development and leadership training.


Helping young people and couples to rediscover love and sexuality.

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SOLE Institute is a South African Public Benefit Organisation, PBO No-930067433.

All donations are tax-deductible.

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Johannesburg, South Africa

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