No matter how old you are or where you live, you can help make South Africa stronger -and you can do it today.


Be A Catalyst

Making a monthly donation (of any amount!) is the most effective way to help education and the family in South Africa. 


Sponsor a Learner


We will pair you with a learner whom you can accompany throughout their learning journey.


Legacy Giving

Be part of a community shaping the future of education and the family in South Africa.

You can do anything to raise money.

When you partner with SOLE Institute you easily become part of something greater than yourself. Think about how your life would transform with small actions that matter. Imagine how much more engaged you would feel if you knew that you are part of an important story. When you choose to help others, you are not just doing something good or nice. Your life has purpose.

Add SOLE Institute to your wedding registry

Ask for donations instead of birthday presents

Share your talents in exchange for donations