Sponsor a Learner

Funding a child's entire schooling journey means you will be recognised as the child's official sponsor. Here is what to expect throughout your sponsorship.


We will provide you with a choice of learners and their biographies, so you can decide who to sponsor. If you wish, we will tell the child who their sponsor is.


You will receive termly reports on the child's personal and academic growth, as well as personal letters from the learner.



Celebrate the success of your sponsorship with beneficiary testimonials and your final report.

Frequently Asked Questions

What am I paying for when I sponsor a learner

100% of your money goes to the child's education. SOLE will pay the child's school fees on your behalf, directly to the child's school. Private donors cover the salaries and operation costs in the SOLE office so your money can go directly to the following costs (breakdown can vary by the child's grade): * learning materials: books and stationery * school fees, which includes computer rental

What's included in my report?

We will provide you with copies of the child's school reports throughout the year, as well as: * photos of the child * communication from the child

How does SOLE determine the cost of sponsorship?

Each child who receives a bursary from SOLE submits an application form, in which parents specify the amount of need for the year. The application is reviewed by SOLE's financial committee and the bursary amount is determined annually. Each family pays a small amount in order to feel empowered and that they also contribute to their child's education.

For more information or guidance on how to proceed:

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