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SOLE is a non-profit organisation promoting lean and relevant education methods as well as giving access to leaners from previously disadvantaged backgrounds. 


84% goes to projects

A small group of generous donors funds our operating costs so funds from the public can be used towards SOLEs projects. 


SOLE keeps it personal


Our beneficiaries have names and faces, and donors are key actors in their life stories. We keep donors informed of the impact of their donations.



You have the right to know your donation is well spent. You may see and review our audited financials at any time.

When you partner with SOLE you easily become part of something greater than yourself. Think about how your life would transform with small actions that matter. Imagine how much more engaged you would feel if you knew that you are part of an important story. When you choose to help others, you are not just doing something good or nice. Your life has purpose.

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