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Our vision is for every child to have a fulfilling learning experience that enables them to create the life they wish for themselves and be impactful members of society.


Our mission is to advocate for every child to have the opportunity and resource to discover their talents and develop their skills by utilising innovative and alternative learning methodologies which empower them to achieve excellence.




Every child, regardless of their personal circumstances, deserves to have access to learning opportunities which empower them to achieve excellence. They need support in discovering their talents and developing new skills to achieve their full potential. The problem is they don’t always have access to opportunities and resources. 

At the SOLE Institute, we believe that by investing in a child's education you are changing their future. And so, we invest in education so that children can be given the opportunity to reach their potential and grow into impactful members of society. This is the most direct way to contribute to community development and improve the lives of disadvantaged groups.

What makes SOLE Institute unique is that we invest in alternative and innovative learning methods which afford underprivileged children the foundation to flourish at school and beyond. We do this through our bursary programmes which are designed to ensure that the greater community has access to learning that is not only innovative but can be fulfilling. 

We also fund financially deserving and academically sound students wishing to pursue postgraduate studies in education research that focuses on educational improvements and innovations that provide quality education for all. 

We promote lifelong learning opportunities for teachers who wish to engage with innovative and alternative learning methodologies that will benefit and contribute towards improving the learning experience.

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